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Manage your clients from one interface & portal

As an agency, it might not be easy to manage all your clients hosting platforms and portals with different logins and portals. ComCart Host is built to solve the problem by having one interface controlling all your client sites.

You can still give the client an option to have access to the portal as if the client signed up by themselves. With the Agency hosting and white label solution, you get all the ComCart Host features at your disposal. Manage payments, Transfer payments, easy management and direct access to top-level support and developer to assist if anything should happen to a client site.


One Platform - Many Clients

A platform for your agency to be able to offer your clients the best withing webhosting for agencies. Not only do you get once the control panel. You clients get a customised white labelled dashboard.

Unique tools and powerful interface!

Tools to help you in your everyday work with your client sites. Easy find credentials—access to support, clear cache and perform simple tasks with just a click.

Its all yours. 100% white label including our support.

It’s all yours! Sell our service as if it was your own. With our ComCart Host white-label you give your clients the best of both worlds. The best part is that our support is also white label and our team will work as your own dedicated technicians to help your clients if anything should happen. Rest assured that our team has already been notified if there is downtime or plugin/theme issue.


Dedicated Support

Our support is available in 2 languages and online 24/7 to offer your clients the best support wherever they may be.

Access to developers

For agencies, we offer our virtual developer retainer package where we offer a fixed amount of hours per month to perform tasks as plugin updates, site check and eventual fix and requests from you as an agency or the client directly.

The virtual developer is a concept where you have just the right knowledge available, be it back-end, UX, server, webhosting and more. We allocate the right person suitable for the task at hand.

Be transparent. Give your clients a log in to their webhosting

Most clients and users would like to have access to their sites to be on the safe side. This can be a problem with other webhosting platforms where you as an agency cant give our credentials without exposing all your other sites. With ComCart Host, you can create a specific login for the client where they get a portal just like any other user on ComCart Host but still managed by your agency. Be transparent.

We also have our DNS manager, giving you the option to host all your clients DNS records. This gives you and your clients the full suite of ComCart Host offerings a one-stop shop for domains, DNS and WordPress webhosting.


Client Login

Client login gives you clients access to their sites. You as an agency have the option to transfer or even manage billings. You can even let Kepler manage the billing for webhosting including your own overheads.

DNS Manager

The ComCart Host  DNS manager gives you the option to host all your clients DNS records in once place. Which gives you the freedom to update records and help clients if needed. DNS can be a challenge many times if you do not have direct access as an agency.

WordPress Agency Solutions

The ComCart Host WordPress Agency solutions bring your team together with an easy team and client management. We Accelerate your development process and give you essential tools needed with staging environments, free migrations, access to support and developers.

With ComCart Host – Managing WordPress sites will never be a headache, back pain or problem again.

– Easy team management
– Clear and easy to read reports & invoices
– Transfer or manage client billing
– Accelerate your development
– Staging environments
– 100% free migrations for ALL sites

Hundreds of WordPress Sites reply on ComCart Host each day to deliver an experience.

Choose Kepler for your
Client WordPress websites

Billing transfer

You can start and close websites as you wish, you do not have to pay for anything in advance and everything will be on the same invoice.

If you want to transfer the payment to the customer, you can send a secure payment link where the customer can pay easily. The customer becomes the owner of the website but you still have full access to continue developing.

Not like any other hosting
Staging environments

You have access to several staging environments so that you can start building before you go live. Even a specific development area which gives your developers a place to work.


Incredibly fast
Move to us for free

We offer 100% FREE migration to ComCart Host. Contact us today and lets get started!


Easy user management

Manage your users by assigning them different rolls and permissions. All with just a few clicks!